About Earth&Soul

Family owned & caring for you.

Earth and Soul Ltd is a family-owned business based in North Yorkshire, England. We make stylish and modern memorial urns by hand, which enable families to cherish the memories of their lost loved ones.

Each urn we produce can be personalised with your own heartfelt message. This might include the nickname of a beloved family member, or the name of a canine or feline companion, whose passing has left you looking for a fitting way to remember them and celebrate their life.

Our urns are all designed in our studio with love and care and attention to detail. Each one has a specific design aesthetic which seamlessly fits into any home, modern or vintage in style. With a choice or Natural Oak or Rustic Oak wood finishes and a metalwork in three gorgeous colours (copper, silver and gold), you can create a personal memorial with style at its core.

Our intention is for our customers to create a small space in their own home where departed loved ones can be remembered with love and affection. Some of you may be looking for a final resting place for cremation ashes, to keep your loved one close by forever.

Others might be seeking a home for some treasured keepsakes, maybe a pet collar and tags or a favourite chew toy, to be reminisced over on anniversaries or at certain times of the year.

Rest assured, every time we receive an enquiry or order we understand that you are likely to be going through a difficult time, so we aim to always offer the highest levels of care and attention.

We can't guarantee to be a shoulder to cry on, but we do sincerely hope that the process of considering our urns and deciding whether one will fit into your home design does bring you some solace and peace at your time of loss.


Our urns qualify as being 'Made In The UK' as we carry out a significant amount of hand-crafting on every single urn.

This is evidenced most clearly when it comes to the leather trim on each urn, which can be fully personalised with a range of colours, fonts and any laser-etched message dear to your heart.